About Us.....

We are a small local business who's mission in life is to provide the very best care that we can give to ALL of our clients no matter where they are from. KLM Home Cares pride ourselves in quality of service, customer care and also 100% faithful to EVERY client and totally discreet. Our founder has worked in the care industry for many years and was not satisfied with the levels of care the large companies gave elderly or disabled clients, in many cases people were in and out in 10 minutes with the clients only receiving basic care.

We wanted to turn this around and give the clients the care they not only DESERVE, but also the care they actually need too. For example: it does not hurt anyone to sit with the client and get to know them, have a chat with them and make sure they have everything they need. This is where KLM Home Care excels above other care providers, we will listen to the client, make sure they only get the food that they like or want, make them plenty of cups of tea which will help with social interaction and also circulation. We will help tidy their house and make sure their living spaces are hazard free.

KLM Home Cares put our clients FIRST above ourselves, many have paid taxes all of their lives and some have fought in wars for our very freedom we enjoy today, these people should have the right to a comfortable and peaceful life, they have paid their dues to society and now its time to give them something back in return. At KLM Home Cares we provide that level of care from the start.

thank You

Katy moffatt

MD KLM Home Care